Following are the details and key points of MKCL’s MASTERING COMPUTER TYPING & DATA ENTRY course that will help you to understand the exact test design and over all implications:


a. Font settings (Increase or Decrease)

b. The Timer shows the remaining time. Once the time is up typing or editing the text is not allowed. It is mandatory to utilize the total time provided. In case the test is ended before the total time then Typing Speed will be calculated based on Total Time allocated for the Test.

c. Gross Words per Minute (Refer the formula below for more details on calculation).

d. Errors : Count of incorrect words


a. Gross Words per Minute (GWPM) = (Total Characters Typed / 5) / Total Time

b. Net Words per Minute (NWPM) = ((Total character Typed - Total Incorrect Characters) / 5) / Total Time


a. Net Words per Minute is considered for Certification criteria.

b. In above calculations one word is considered of 5 characters. Hence, Total Characters are divided by 5 for GWPM and NWPM.

c. In NWPM formula, Total Incorrect characters are equal to total characters of incorrect words typed. For example: - Candidate has typed "Knowlefgee" instead of "Knowledge" then total incorrect characters will be counted as 10.