For Colleges & Classes

We had started Mastering JEE in the year 2013-14. In the first year itself, 29 colleges across Maharashtra installed our framework and started offering
Mastering JEE to their students.

This year we have come out with a offering for MHT-CET aspirants named “Mastering MHT-CET”, offering for aspiring Typist & Data Entry Operator named “Mastering Computer Typing & Data Entry”, offering for GATE aspirants named “Mastering GATE” and aspiring Teachers as well named "Mastering TET" and "Mastering CTET"


Even you can become part of our network and imbibe our course in your teaching. 


All you need to have is a Computer Lab, with very basic requirements. 

Click here to view the requirements.

If you wish to become our network partner or want us to help you out with opening a Mastering center please contact us at:


or drop us a mail at

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